Failing fast, failing forward

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When I was younger I was afraid of failure. I avoided things that I thought I wouldn’t be good at it.

Maybe that was the perfectionist in me, not wanting to fail. Or the introvert, not wanting others to see me fail.

I don’t know when I managed to leave that fear or failure behind but I was lucky to have spent some time working with a dynamic company where I was really encouraged to set very ambitious goals then try to figure out how on earth I was going to achieve them.

I rarely achieved these goals first time, certainly not completely but there were no repercussions. I was ‘allowed’ to try then encouraged to try again. Through these experiences I learned how to fail.

Recently I’ve faced fear again in fairly straightforward scenarios and tasks.

Fear of the unknown, fear of uncertainty, fear of visibility and fear of failure.

Realising this has made me reflect and make new commitments to myself:

✨ I will fail

✨ I will learn

✨ I will try again

✨ I will fail faster

✨ I will fail forward

✨ I will embrace failure as a stepping-stone to success


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